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Wildball Returns - For Real!!

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Calling all Wildballers  the Storm is Over – return to your League!!!!


This year I had been advising all those who contacted me that Wildball would be returning in 2023. Fully respecting the hosts decisions that now was not the time to have large social gatherings, playing machines that each person touches.

It meant Wildball was just another social/sporting event crippled by COVID. Just think of the number of new game releases we have missed during that time ( I still have not seen a Led Zeppelin or Avengers in the flesh!)!!

Well after a nudge from a couple of the hosts (and a would be host!), the Board, the Critical Response Committee and the Director at Wildball's ‘Centre Par Excellence’ have agreed to a shortened series 2022 starting next month.

Over four meets in 2022 the league will be kickstarted with a view to returning to a full calendar in the 2023 year.

We will be having a reduced comp and currently seeking IFPA status. Yes, the Wildball Trophy will be up for grabs. In order to scribe your initials on the Shield you will have to defeat some of the most skilled players in the country.

This year we will bring back to life the premier Pinball league in Australia. Over 4 meets – three at established Wildball Doyens and one Wildballer opening his games room for the first time.


The dates and host

1.       24/9 Audioenslaved

2.       29/10 Skids

3.       26/11 Symonz

4.       17/12 Gabbo

 The ever-gracious hosts have again allowed us to come and play their extensive collections.


The Horde

As in the past we will be offering places to the Wildball faithful first. we also encourage significant others to join in at any time. We may have to limit numbers due to conditions.













Good Times

Game Over




The Aceman


Please PM me or add to this thread to confirm your attendance.


My Annual Announcement

Our League is socially driven. We come together to enjoy all aspects of the ‘world under glass’. I want to stress the comp side of Wildball is only part of the fun. The social aspect is equally important to the Wildball Mob.

Most of the time we spend free playing, trouble shooting, dividing opinions and just recalling the ‘good old days’! It’s the Wildball camaraderie.

Our hosts open their collections for us in their homes. Many spend hours getting their beloved machines to tiptop condition for our night. Their rules apply when we visit.

No abuse in any form will be tolerated and the offender(s) will be removed immediately.


The COVID Thing.

As advised in the false start last year, please stay at home if you are feeling sick and/or displaying symptoms. Don’t not attend if you are positive (can’t believe I am saying that!!). Understand that the spread of the virus is not just to those you meet but their family and to friends too.



The annual subscription is $45 for each Player. As this is a reduced season the fees are $40 and payable at the first meet. All funds collected are returned to the playing group in the form of trophies and prizes.


$20 is also paid to the host on the evening. This is to cover the food and soft drink they supply.


The Comp

We have applied for the event to be IFPA sanctioned. As such there will be a player fee of $1 which is played to IFPA Australia. That fee will be subsidised from a sponsor.



On the night you will be randomly grouped with 4 others to play together, 6 games of the Hosts choosing. Record (take a picture) your scores and report them to a nominated scorer. The scores over the entire season will be tallied together to provide standing for the final held at the last meet (Dec). The top half, (usually sixteen players) will play off in single elimination best of 3 games. The winner will hold aloft the Wildball Trophy!


Details for each meet will be PMs to all players one week prior to the Meet.


From what I can recall, I think that is about it.

Any questions please PM or ask in the thread below.




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Thank you to The Wildball faithful that came along to our re-boot of our League. The last time we met as a Wildball playing group was February 2020!! Great to see that the COVID thing has not dented the humour of the playing group!

Understand those who were absent - many things on! Can assure you a good time was had by all. Audioenslaved collection is top class. For mine the Alien game was a standout. Great theme for a pinball machine.

Our next Meet would be on 29 Oct at another Wildball King Pin Skids. Another great collection of classic and new. I look forward to seeing you all then. 


please see the results of this the first round of 2022. 

 Match Play Events

Recall the format of our League is best game based - qualifying over the course of the Series (the Meets). the top half will move through to a final series at the end of the final Meet for the year. In the final series sees the bottom 4 players (the choice of machine or playing position goes to the top ranked player). the lowest scorer bows out and the next highest ranked player joins the group. this continues until we get down to two. they will then playoff in a best of three.   


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10 hours ago, Audioenslaved said:

Thanks for a great first return meet everyone. It was fantastic to see everyone again after the huge lay off and great to see some new faces in the gang too. Looking forward to the next meet. 

Thanks for having us around, good catch up with you weirdos 😂

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