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Looking for new players to join the Visual Pinball Gaming League. Nominations for VPGL23 now open

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If you have a visual pinball setup on desktop, cabinet or Virtual Reality you are welcome to join in the fun with our Aussie Arcade VPGL. The league gives a wonderful opportunity to mix with players of all levels and provides an opportunity to learn games, techniques and have fun. If you would like to nominate tables for the next league competition please join in and  personally message your nominations to me by next Tuesday 9th August.

It's time for our spring time VPGL23  Firing Solenoids and time to get the VP League back together. There has been some great EM tables made by Bord and Scottacus since our last comp and I really enjoyed the variety of nominations in our last comp. Your input is extremely important and it keeps the competition fresh.  Please personally forward your nominations for 2EM, 2SS & 2 DMD games by Tuesday 9th August. This allows me time to set up the comp on Wednesday.

I'm trialling a 9 game 7 week comp this time to provide a greater day to day choice so please stay tuned to a different timetable. The competition will start Thursday 10th August opening with 3 games, 1EM, 1SS & 1DMD and will conclude Sunday October 2. Im also thinking of introducing a battle night for around about an hour once a month using a free online video sharing site like jitsi. I reviewed 10 different sites and Jitsi seemed the best but Ive never used it. It runs encrypted end to end connection  when you use google chrome and you can have a swag of people with no time constraints. You can join in any time and don't have to sign up or have an account. The trick is how we set up Our screens and how we orchestrate the chat and hopefully we can find a platform to do that. Im thinking once a month and we can get together and share what's happening in the games we are playing and have a couple of the troops slug it out with a new release games and we can have some banter. 

cheers & Im looking forward to your nominations and thoughts around the battle night and 7 week comp.


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