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error 403 message


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I got this message for the first time today when I went to open a message on the forum.  

I then went to open the home page of the forum and got the message again.

I then closed and opened the browser and was able to open the forum fine. 

I got another message, went to open it and got this error message again.




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Looks like a mod_evasive error. I have set the settings a bit higher now. Have to keep an eye on it as its not a one size fits all setting.

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51 minutes ago, cwispy said:

mod_evasive error 

Sounds way above my head.  Whatever you did seems to have done the job.  So far so good.  Thanks cwispy and arcade king

I appreciate the really quick service too.  Top notch stuff

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Hey guys, ever since you fixed my error message I now have a new looking forum layout with really nice artwork and stuff.  It looks awesome.


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