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pinball in portland vic

pinball god

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I visit Portland in Victoria a bit these days (mainly weekends) and was wondering if there any places in or nearby there to play?

I miss my daily hit of pinnies every now and then and it would be nice to know where I can get my fix

Thanks in advance

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On 26/07/2022 at 9:33 AM, ajfclark said:

Nhill might be the closest (public) option... I've not heard of much in Portland, Hamilton or in between.

My shed at Marnoo is open by appointment. I have had a Canadian here twice in 10 days.


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unfortunately nothing in Portland mate,   closest pinballs are in Warrnambool at the ten pin bowling centre.   Creature from the Black Lagoon and Monopoly is on offer there.


(i do have a virtual pin just down the road from Portland,   not the same,  but thats how i get my fix 🙂  )

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13 minutes ago, thegrunta666 said:

hey @Gemini2544, did you strap some antlers on a sheep, and tell them that it is  your local Moose.....😁

No, He booked the room once before & booked it again a week later. He's in Tasmania now!  I'll take anybodies money!

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