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MGLLII - Game 10 ~ Pirate Ship Higemaru (closes 14-Aug)

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On 12/8/2022 at 12:15 PM, Ace1942 said:



Nice score Charlie, well done 

10 hours ago, terencew said:

Great score Terence, you are the 2nd person to get 1.2M. Great job 

5 hours ago, Pessimeister said:

Pessimeister: 1, 289, 100


Nice score @Pessimeister getting closer to 1.3M 🙂 

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Pessimeister: 1, 373, 400

Ugh. Coming up short again. A familiar story. 


1 hour ago, terencew said:

Just in case this ever comes back, I'd advise an extra life setting of "None".

But at least for the next few hours, it seems we need to aim for 1.4M... !!!

I would have been happy with 1.375 to be honest. 😬

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Day 17/17

Final results...


Pirate Ship Higemaru is a video game created by capcom, Congrats to everyone who played this game it has been a challenging 17 days.

Achieving 100k is hard congrats to everyone from 9th place to 15th place.

RMacauley, Ace1942 and DaLar achieved over 1.1Million which is an amazing result well done

Terencew and Pessimeister battled their way for 2nd place on the last day, they both achieved over 1.3Million. Very impressive.

Congrats to Donald Hayes for winning Game 10, with an outstanding score of 1,374,100 with a very close 700 point lead Infront of 2nd place. Great gaming Donald well done.


The MGL52 presentation will be posted soon...

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22 minutes ago, Pessimeister said:

Fun times chasing with Terence and Charlie

I’d did enjoy this title, I wanted to join the chase to 1.3 mil with you guys but hadn’t put any time into Pooyan and needed some points to finish inside the top 10. 

You were so close to nabbing #1, unlucky, but well done to all

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