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Time Lord Pinball 1.0.0 VPX10.7 game released today



Time Lord virtual pinball by Avago was released on VPUniverse today and also available to download here  if you would like to play it.  This game is not for resale or redistribution. You may have seen it in the new pinball thread and it is placed here as well for posterity.  Avago team comprising of 3 Aussie Arcade VPGL members, Crakkers, Mozzie1 & RusstyT . This is an original modern DMD style gamed that has been 2 years in the making. It is brain child of Hayden Perno, (who doesn't play pinball) 🤭 We have been extremely lucky to have JP Salas & Gedankekojote97 coming on board to produce a very slick game complete with latest Roth/NFozzy physics, fleep sounds.

There are some great tricks or the eye with visual pinball that are used in this game including hidden ramps, rotating planets that appear after completing tasks, clocks that change direction when time is reversed and dragon eyes that track the ball. Combining these features with the latest table sounds and physics and challenging gameplay makes it a very enjoyable experience. This table was made to be fun and the callouts by a cheeky robot have provided much entertainment during the production.

Well that's it from Avogo for now. You may download the VPX game, backglass , wheel and rules here for a short period of time.


This is a link to the game instruction video on You tube






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Udated to version 1.0.3
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Wow. what a response. 2000+ downloads across VPUniverse and VPForums in 2 weeks.

If you want to know how this game became an overnight success and Mozzie, Crackers and RusstyT got a brief moment in the spotlight along side great current and up and coming game designers, Tune in next monday at 12:00pm to gameclubcentral.


In 2 weeks our Avago team has grown to include outhere who did DOF design and RajaJoey who has done an completely original Virtual Reality design for the game cab and VR sphere . Add to this in our Avago team Jp Salas and up and comer specialist of physics and sound Getankeojote and we have some very talented people in our corner.

NailBuster rarely review original tables but at the bequest of MaRt Reinhart AKA SmaugDragon here is his interview.


We are thrilled that Timelord is the featured game at game club central this Friday (our time) in what they call Thursday throw down which is a 24 hour competition with a similar format to Aussie Arcade and open to people world wide.. The story of how the game was made will be aired at 12:00pm AEST on Monday 8th of August and followed a game battle between The dragon of Columbus "Slim Jim Smaug" and the King of Chaos "RusstyT"

cheers and of course we are stoked



I just received these files From RajaJoey who joined us to do the Virtual reality. He brought the game to life.




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