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MGLLII - Game 6 ~ Ponpoko (closes 24-Jul)

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Day 17/17

Final results...


Ponpoko is a platformer game invented by Sigma Enterprises and is a hidden gem...

9 difference gamers managed to hop to 100k they are: ivanstorm1973, ZNC, creech77, Shahbaz, DaLar, terencew, NWNike and Ace1942 well done.

dbh achieved 219,460 for 2nd place well played Don.

Congrats to PG3 for winning game 6, with a amazing score of 451,060 and setting a new MARP world record, That is some very skilful playing PG3. Amazing result well done, This was PG3s 1st ever MGL win.


Vs. Super Mario Bros Pang and Time Pilot are still in play, The final 2 games of MGLLII will be posted soon...

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