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MGLLII - Game 4 ~ Pigout (closes 17-Jul)

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Day 17/17

Final results...


Pigout is a hidden gem... this game was very fun, collecting food and escaping wolves...

Gamers who achieved over the 100k barrier are: wirre.the.man, Prow, Pessimeister, dbh, creech77 and NWNike (from 3rd place to 8th place) Nice Job.

ZNC achieved 202,210 for 2nd place amazing score, well done.

Congrats to Daniel Larsen for winning game 4 with a fantastic score of 353,325, he collected the most food items and escaped the wolves. Well played


Ponpoko Vs. Super Mario Bros and Pang are still in play, Game 9 will be posted soon...



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