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Xbox (original) Controller ports not working.

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I fired up my Xbox that had not been used for a couple of years.  None of the 4 controller ports work anymore.  Does anyone know what the issue could be. 

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Thanks yes I tried the controller on another Xbox and it works on the other Xbox.  On the non working console the DVD IR does not work either. 

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Opened it up.  Had a look at the controller ports, they seem ok no PCB.  But I did spy 5 vented caps on the main board and one on the PSU.  Will have to make up a list and get replacements.

xbox1.2MB caps.jpg

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Machine isn't modded is it?. Modded means no need for the Supa Cap used to retain data and the supa cap leaking and chewing through board traces has killed more XBox classics that any other reason.

A modded Xbox also means you don't need the 2nd most troublesome part on an Xbox classic, a working DVDrive. Once the game is loaded on the Hard drive of a modded Xbox, the games are played from it rather than just the DVDrive and you can load games on a modded Xbox HDD via the network cable from your PC or another modded Xbox.

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17 hours ago, redferatu said:

There is an easish soft mod for the xbox too. You play some certain games and inject code through usd to controller adapter.

I chipped most of mine. I think I did around 50 and sold on heaps but still have around 10 machines and years of parts. I did softmod a couple but that was solely to TSOP mod them so I could compare a chipped VS a TSOP modded machine. (You must softmod a machine before you can TSOP it)...I found little difference between both hardmod styles but softmods, the harddrive must be locked and I liked an unlocked HDD so I could just swap around HDDs between machines....(real handy when you sell machines like I was at the time)

5 hours ago, waali said:

Recap the whole board if you can, at minimum do all the tall caps near the CPU.

Also make sure to remove the Supercap when the board is out.

Excellent advice but I will add, do take out the board....power supply comes out first then the main board and dust the whole board both sides with a soft brush. Pull the fan out, (it just clips in), and gently holding the center of the blade, dust the crap out of it...Don't be tempted to run a blower through it or it WILL kill the fan bearings. When dusting the fan be real careful not to put to much pressure on the blades or you can bend a blade or damage the bearings and your once silent fan will no longer be silent.

Don't be put off cleaning the fan, just take heed to those warnings and you and your machine will be happy. The crap that comes out of those fans is insane as is the crap under the board and jammed in the metal mesh. Most machines lived on a carpeted floor and the fan just sucked crap up and through the machine. Fan actually extracts air from inside the case and the air is sucked in through the slots in the case and through the metal mesh. The mesh works like a coarse air filter and catches heaps of crap between it and the case.

Good luck with your classic and hope you can save it. I'd like to say they are near bullet proof but that is after you have done what is mentioned above by the people that have answered otherwise they have there shortcomings.

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Thanks for the info everyone.   The Super cap has already been removed.  I plan on replacing all PSU caps and the larger caps on the main board.  Will see how it works then decide if I want to replace the rest.  The dust was cleaned from the console when I first got it and yes its amazing how much gets in there!

PS.  It is softmod too.

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Never did get a Blue...


I ended up with a batch of 40 (non working) XBoxes from a games place that couldn't fix them. Worked out around $15 each so plenty to play with repair and sell.

Here's a couple of family machines I made...(It may inspire you 😉)

Otherwise some may find it interesting....

My eldest sons machine. I had just cleared the army camo paint job a day earlier and hadn't built it up yet. It ended up being my first 500Gb sata HDD machine and that let me go on to using 1 and 2TB sata HDDs in Xboxes. Xboxes are normally IDE hard drives so an adapter was required. Tortoise's name was Peter Sam....(T the Tank Engine)


I found the 3rd and 4th ports were never getting used, (multigame you just grab another machine and TV, connect on the LAN network and your playing the same game anyway)....so how about a clock with alarm that can turn on the Xbox in place of the unused 3rd and 4th port?


Not using the DVDrive any longer so re-wrote the bios so it would think it didn't need one any longer....



This board has a different power supply fitted. This machine runs on 12volts, (car battery power), and was used for years in a stock Xbox case down the farm where we have no mains power with a 2Tb sata Hdd loaded with movies, music videos and games for the boys....


Before the different power supply, this was common down the farm.....


Anyway, stick with it. If yours is softmodded I would go the extra step TSOPing it. Softmods have a habit of corruption where as TSOPs, once done, not very likely in fact I never heard of one becoming corrupted.


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Nice photos thanks for posting.  Like the mods and the slow mod (Turtle).  Great info too.  I have a transparent case Xbox somewhere in a box I should dig it out.  Interesting on the TSOP I will try it out once I get the Xbox back and running, will be awhile for the caps arrive.

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  • 2 months later...

Rainy day today so I replaced the main caps on the MB and all the PSU secondary caps.  On the MB I used 5 x 1800uf instead of the 3 x 3300uf that were on there.  Powered up and now all working fine.



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