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Weird convergence issue with component connection on Palsonic CRT

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I got a CRT to play retro game systems on and I'm having a weird colour convergence issue that only affects the component input. The TV is a Palsonic 5130GM, the model of the tube is a SEG-HITACHI A51JSY63X13 (CR) and for what it's worth the geometry is a little off particular with H position in composite but is actually perfect on component. I also have not been able to track down a service manual or a service menu for it.

I have some pics here:




This is a shot from the same game but with composite for a comparison:


Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Hi, that´s not a convergence issue but more likely a timing issue with your component signal or input.

You didn´t mention what system is generating the signal, whether natively, modded or via some adaptor, what type of leads are being used or if equal length (if separate cables).

A simple test would be to find an alternate component source such as a DVD player to see if the same occurs, to determine if the problem is the source or within the TV.

Regards, John

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Thanks for the reply. It's a Wii with a Wii specific component cable straight into the TV, all same length at about 1.5m. It's supported natively and looks fine plugged into my HDTV. I tried a PS3 with component and got the exact same issues. It's running 576i. 480p just gave me a bunch of garbage on screen, which I understand is normal for most CRTs.

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Hi again, yes if you've already tried the Wii component cable into a HDTV which worked fine as well as a different source into the Palsonic TV component input with the exact same issues as pictured then I'd agree it really must be a problem within the TV itself - though I'm not sure if there would be a service menu setting to correct it or if it would be a hardware problem.

I can't help with a service manual or service menu info for that model, sorry - anyone?

Regards, John

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So for what it's worth I still can't find a chassis number or anything but I had another look at the PCB and found these IC numbers:

  1. NS205M
  2. k2959m
  3. 24LC088
  4. stv9302a
  5. an7552n
  6. M61264
  7. m37160m8


Not sure if that helps tracking down a service manual at all.

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