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WTB - SEGA Astro City 2 - Front Door Panel

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I have an Astro City on the way but its missing the front door panel, see pic

Probably a long shot....but please let me know if anyone has a spare for sale

I'm in NZ, so postage to there. If I search any further than Aussie, it will likely be cost prohibitive

Worst case, I guess I can borrow one locally and have a shop make one up




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1 hour ago, namastepat said:

Hit up Yaton. He is one of the biggest candy cab parts suppliers out of China, heaps of people use him for spares.

He does have a Facebook, but I can't remember what it is. @mR_CaESaRmight know. This is his website. https://yatonarcade.com/collections/candy-cabinet

He is also very active over on arcade-projects.com.

Thanks for that, I'll check out those links! 

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On 14/05/2022 at 11:02 PM, redferatu said:

I'm not a fabricator, I make everything I can. But I think to make one would be worse if that makes you feel better.

Cheers, yeah I figured by the the time I had a metal fabricator make one up I may as well just pay for a real one

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