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MGLLI - Game 9 ~ Ms Pac-man (closes 22-May)

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3 hours ago, CrazyKongFan said:



went to a semi-local classic arcade last night and played their regular speed Ms Pac. I think that's the 3rd or 4th junior board.

Nice Ms. Pac-Man on original hardware, great score @CrazyKongFan

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2 hours ago, wingtipvortex said:

too late for an old gamer to have a crack? 

Tasfunkia 😂the Tassie Radelaide.

Not too late, crack away.


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On 18/05/2022 at 12:03 PM, Pessimeister said:

Pessimeister: 90, 720

Made it to the Junior Boards for the very first time but fell short of my PB. 


90k nice 🙂

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Day 18/18...

Final results...


What a fantastic game! This game moves quickly, and some even compare it to Pac-Man. Despite the difficult challenges, the following gamers Pessimeister, GMU, terencew, CrazyKongFan and dbh all performed great scoring from 456k down to 90k.

Congrats to francoisadt for winning Game 9 with a tremendous score of 646,320 points, he collected at lot of bananas and pears well done, this was Francois first MGL game win on this fantastic title...


Mouser and Baluba-louk no Densetsu are still in play and are the final 2 games of MGL51 good luck!


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