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MGLLI - Game 8 ~ Nibbler (closes 15-May)

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I was hoping now that I've set my joysticks to 4 way it would be more responsive but you've really got to plan ahead with your turns other wise Nibbler just goes wherever!


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Day 17/17

Final results....


Man vs Snake is a great move but nibbler is a hard game congrats to everyone who played this game...

Achieving 70k in this game is hard and gamers: wirre.the.man, DaLar, ZNC and terencew all broke the 70k barrier from 4th place to 7th place

CrazyKongFan broke the 200k barrier putting him in 3rd place well done.

ivanstorm1973 broke over 2 million which is an amazing score well done.

Congrats to Donald Hayes for winning Game 8 with a fantastic score of 20,000,060 that is some nice nibbling well done



Ms. Pac-ManMouser and Baluba-louk No Densetsu are still in play and are the final 3 games of MGL51 good luck everyone!

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