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Houseball 2022 #2 May 21st at Dave and Sandy's

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Event Title: Houseball 2022 #2 May 21st at Dave and Sandy's
Event Author: Cranky Dave
Calendar: Community Calendar
Event Date: 21/05/22 12:00 AM


Hi Everyone , after a successful first Houseball for the year at Rays, Dave and Sandy have been gracious enough to host number 2 for the year . They live just up the road from Ray.

This will be on the 21st of May. PM's will be sent out a couple days before the event with address details.


We will be following the same format as previous years but here are the basics.

Qualifying starts at 2p.m and goes for 4 hours so you have plenty of time to get your games in. We like to encourage everyone to try getting their games in early because as the beer and socialising flows people tend to forget they haven't played all their games and we have to chase them up so we can close off the comp.

You will play a total of 6 games on designated machines, which i or the host will post a list of closer to the day. Sometimes it might be 1 game on 6 different machines or maybe 2 games on one and 4 and others. This will depend on the number of machines hosts have available on the day so we can have a few 'free play' games available to all.

Your best 5 games will go towards your total points for the day.

Finals start at 6p.m or just after dinner.

Top 4 players will be in the 'A' division finals and we also have a 'B' division final for the highest places of the second half of the field. 

Points earned at each Houseball go towards the final standings for the year which earn you the perpetual Houseball trophy. Some esteemed names on that list 🙂


House rules.

We ask you to remove rings/bracelets so as to not damage the machines and anyone found abusing the machines will be asked to leave. Remember, without our hosts Houseball cant go on so lets please respect their house and pins.

For smokers there will be a designated area where the host can point you to on the day for smoking. Please clean up after yourself.

We generally limit the number of players to 30 , but this can change at the hosts discretion.

Cost for the day is $20 which covers food, prize money and hosts expenses.  Dinner is usually pizza but we change it up sometimes.


Rusty has organised a 2022 Houseball T-Shirt. It comes in black only and will be available in various sizes . cost is $20 and will be there on the day.


the list.

1. @zanderzone

2. @Sandyzone

3. @Cranky Dave

4. @Dicky

5. @namastepat

6. @rusty_dagger

7. @Tonjo

8. @Andyj965

9/ @raysco

10. @Markc840

11. @DAG

12. @gapmaster

13. @ncb74

14. Sharon

15. Callum

16. Darrell

17. @Kade

18. @roland rat

19. @DanTheMan

20. @jono

21. @madal

22. @dr teeth

23. @TUF-427

24. @visualmagic

25. Ben Piercy

26. Lisa Piercy

27. @SpudJones

28. Will Lukakis

29. @Jfed

30. @Ryan555



Houseball 2022 #2 May 21st at Dave and Sandy's

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Games in the comp

Stranger Things LE

Rush LE



Six Million Dollar Man

Space Shuttle


'free play' games


Buck Rgoers


12 arcade machines and a Daytona as well



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