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MGLLI - Game 5 ~ Mr Do!'s Castle (closes 24-Apr)

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Day 17/17

Final results...


Mr Do's Castle is one of the hardest games in the Mr Do series....

dbh and GMU achieved the 100k barrier scoring 145k and 116k these are great score well played!

Gamers: DaLar, ivanstorm1973, mappy24, Pessimeister, DWO, ZNC, RichyS and RMacauley hammered their way from 94k down to 43k Nice gaming 🙂

Congrats to Daren M Oliver for winning game 5 with an brilliant score of 616,880 points and also setting a new MGL record for this game Extremely well played!


The New Zealand Story and Commando are still in play Game 8 will be released next week good luck!

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