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RUSH - to the Park

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Event Title: RUSH - to the Park
Event Author: droogi
Calendar: Community Calendar
Event Date: 22/05/22 2:30 PM


Due to a delay in the expected arrival of the machine we have had to reschedule the event

This will be an 8 strikes (fair strikes 0,1,1,2) event, playing on all available machines, selectively removing machines as players get eliminated, forcing play onto the new RUSH Stern machine.

2:30pm Checkin 3pm start

Rush delay.jpg


RUSH - to the Park

The Park - Westfield Shopping Centre, Shop MM7 , LEVEL 2/103 Foxwell Rd, Coomera, Queensland, 4209

Edited by droogi
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What a HUGE launch party we had yesterday - 4.5hrs (8 strikes) to determine the winners and Nigel Coates took out the high score prize for the day ...
1 Matthew Broderick
2 Gordon MacMaster
   Gavin Drogemuller
4 Anthony Benger
5 Tom Fletcher UK
6 Nigel Coates
   Georgina Benger
8 Kris Kloppenburg
9 Katrina Pingnam
10 Sean Gutteridge
     Mick Middleton
12 Evie-Lee Spurrell
13 Cooper Spurrell
     Luke Pingnam
     Ashley Spurrell
16 Archie Middleton
17 Jamin Jacub



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