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MGLLI - Game 3 ~ Jr. Pac-man (closes 17-Apr)

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Another reason I nominated this game was due to putting in some time on an indie project called "Lady Pac" which plays like an amalgamation between Ms Pacman and Jnr Pacman. I found it in Itch.io whilst looking for more C64/PC Pacman titles. The creator Luca Carminati has made some excellent arcade conversions so far for C64 and PC including Bagman, Tutankham, Dig Dug and H.E.R.O. 

For those curious: https://lowcarb.itch.io/lady-pac-pc-version

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Crappety crap crap crap!!! I can't believe I let the first two games go by without noticing! Sigh... will try to put some time in here before I make it three missed games.


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