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VPGL21-Game7 007-GoldenEye

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  GAME 7.... If you have ever wondered what its like to be a spy with a tank, helicopter and satellite dish at your disposal? Well this is your lucky day. Welcome to the World of James Bond-007 where all those things are hidden in his cufflink and watch.

VPGL 21 - Game 7 ~ Golden Eye

Nominated by VPGL legends The Mozzies

Game Closes-Sunday 20thMarch

007 Golden Eye was made by Sega between 1994 & 1999 and is an DMD pinball machine. It is based on the James Bond Movie by the same name which was released in 1995 and 2200 machines were made.

Design by: Ward Pemerton
Art by:  Paul Faris

DMD: Marc Ranases

Mechanics: Rob Hurtado

Music & Sound: Brian Schmidt

Software: John Carpenter, Neil Falconer & Orin Day

There are 5 modes which can be started at the Mode Start Lane. You cannot start one mode while in another. In non-mode single ball play, the bumpers cycle the currently lit mode. 10M is automatically added to your Mode Total, displayed after the mode ends (with the exception of Xenia Extra Ball).

Complete Scenes: Complete the following scenes:

o  Xenia Extra Ball

o  Satellite Hurryup

o  Nerve Gas Plant

o  Train/Tank Multiball

o  Send Spike

Once all modes are completed, the Start Mode saucer will light for a wizard mode by completing the 007 Top Lanes, finishing Shootout, successfully completing Q's Pen, and spelling "GOLDENEYE". 

The VPX Game, Backglass  & ROM can be found here



Downloads linked are just suggestions, you can play on any VPX version or the table as long as it is the same rule set (IE Pro, LE etc.). You can let us know what version you are playing and why you play that one in the thread if you like,

Score Submissions:

Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a photo or screen shot showing your score. This game finishes Sunday 20th March 2022, Midnight pm Sydney time.

This game is set to 3 ball as default and that is what we'll play for this competition. We are playing regular version- right flipper select.

No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game.

Game on... who will get the martini stirred but not shaken.



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2,365,638,640 I don’t think that score would be enough to take out this one. Action packed game. I like it and have only played it a couple of times before. Bigus has done a great job of this one.



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Posted (edited)
On 09/03/2022 at 12:37 PM, mozzie1 said:

Nice score mate…

Cheers Mozzie. That satellite is handy. This a really nice table. I can’t believe we get to play so many fantastic games on one machine. So much fun. 

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11 hours ago, vtdmame said:


I think whatever version I have is not that great, had all kinds of issues launching the ball/etc.  I'll try installing the one above.


Worth playing the comp just to play the version above.Bigus has done a great job of this table. I haven’t had any issues so far. You don’t get much time for the satellite shot. 

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Game 7 is now closed with  RusstyT his heading Russia with a few little jobs to take care of. What a fantastic game this was and you can throw a blanket over the competitors battling for 2nd. But there can only be one 2nd place martini, (shaken, not stirred), and that goes to....Drum roll please.....  Mrs Moz!  Well done Mrs Moz. Also heading to Russia with the poison pen, tank and satellite dish in their watches is super spy  Crakkers  pipping Legin, Mozzie, Pinzealot, vtdmame and Scomos cat for a gutsy 3rd. What a game! What a battle and thanks to all the competitors. This was a fun.


Game 7 007-Golden Eye    
Player Score   Points
RusstyT 2,365,638,640  1 100
Mrs Moz 1,577,488,860  2 99
Crakkers 1,572,304,820  3 98
legin 1,497,753,230  4 97
Mozzie 1,469,316,390  5 96
Pinzealot 1,350,082,540  6 95
vtdmame 224,065,640  7 94
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