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VPGL21-Game4 CueBall Wizard

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Game 4 is now closed and our Cueball Wizard and congratulations go to Legin  who is a deserving winner for picking a super fun game. A last minute dash by Crakkers  earnt him 2nd place and a good lie down3rd place to RusstyT  who just pipped Pinzealot who set the pace early in this game. Thankyou to all who participated.

Game 4 CueBall Wizard    
Player Score   Points
legin 2,228,709,020  1 100
Crakkers 1,817,842,820  2 99
RusstyT 1,220,947,970  3 98
Pinzealot 1,166,175,900  4 97
Mrs Moz 883,476,960  5 96
vtdmame 343,422,710  6 95
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