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1962 AMI Continental 2 jukebox



Anyone know where i can source a pre amp and amp for this jukebox in Australia ?

I can get one set in the USA , but the cost and shipping is so ridiculously high its simply not even worth attempting.

By time i pay for the set in the USA , and then shipping.. and then both units will need to be re capped , re serviced.. and then my jukebox will have to be repaired and modified back to the way it is supposed to be.. im looking at over $4000.

For that amount i might as well buy a kick ass tube amp.. but me being me.. i would much prefer to get it back into its original state.. its a rather tricky situation becuase back in its original state with pre amp and amp boards the sound is not going to be as good as todays amps lol


be buggered if i do and be buggered if i dont.

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