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MGLL - Game 11 ~ Vanguard (closes 23-Jan)

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10 minutes ago, Pessimeister said:

Pessimeister: 68, 730

If memory serves, there's a Vanguard cabinet in the "Bishop of Battle" sequence from the 1983 film "Nightmares". It's just before you see Emilio Estevez hustling on Pleiads. 🙂(Scoring 17 k or so in the process...)


I found the Pleiades in the trailer ... but you have to look very quick, like a DK Level 4 spring ... and I think he blew up the Vanguard ... 


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It's worth watching as there's a great camera shot up an aisle of an arcade with lots of players surrounding the cabinets and looking back at Emilio's character as he's entered. There's a Zaxxon, Tron, Frogger, Slither (which I've never played) Defender, two Pacman, three Galaxians, plus the Vanguard and Pleiades. You can also hear Dk in the background and other games. 

Edit: Just checked again; there's also a BurgerTime, Joust and Jungle Hunt in the far right aisle. Can't quite make out the marquees on the left though. 

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14 hours ago, Pessimeister said:

Pessimeister: 82, 220

Some of the music sounds almost inappropriately cute for such a brutal game. 🙂



Maybe this would be better? Strap into Vanguard, and go for it ... great combat to come ...

This is how Star Wars should really have ended.

Good luck in Vanguard everybody!

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Its hard!!  Cant seem to map buttons so I can remember which one is which for shooting.  Keep shooting the wrong way!!!!

Need a vanguard control panel setup


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