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Playstation VR move motion controllers WANTED

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Hi Guys

Have a mate who got his kids a VR for the PS4 but cant seem to find and motion controllers anywhere for sale to go with it

Has tried all the stores , ebay etc   (has found some on ebay but $500 plus !!!)

Not sure if they have stopped making them which seems strange as they still sell the VR googles etc

Would consider second hand if that was the only option


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51 minutes ago, mckie1 said:

Check if the ps3 ones work as they might be easier to find?

Yep, Playstation Move controllers are what you are looking for.

Sadly the fact they are fairly rare now has pushed up prices.

I would check Ebay, gumtree and facebook. Doubt you will find new ones anymore in shops. You will need two of them for the best experience.

Ebay search link HERE.

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15 hours ago, MrMaloo said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't think they made a "newer" PS4 version of the Move controllers .

I thought the original ones ( PS3 ) were just a generic carryover accessory for the PSVR .

"New" I think is just bought more recently, less hours on the battery, manufactured more recently and I imagine a different iteration on the board. But yes, I think they are the same functionally. However the price difference of "new" second hand vs ps3 era is considerable. Dead battery I noticed them for $15-20 each.

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