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How hot is normal.



I repaired a Gottlieb original system one power supply today for my up coming Take Five project, & now it's working.  After a few hours I noticed the metal heat sink body hot to touch. I put a temperature probe on the metal & it read 60.5 Celsius. As Cleopatra has been running on a Rottendog PS this heat is a surprise to me, considering all voltages are correct. Is this normal?

Thinking it this way it's only 15 degrees Celsius hotter that a stinking hot summers day in Australia. What do you think?


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65c and your local temperature where you live today was what?. Work out the difference and add that difference to what you get locally on a really hot summers day. If that total is above around 71c,, you've got a problem as most parts that are capable of it shut down at around 71c. It is the unoffical temp electronics starts to fail through heat.

Could be parts in circuit related but a good chance something like a mica washer is failing, (between the parts metal tab and metal to get the heat away) or the heatsink compound is failing, ( the white paste like shit. Both these parts use mica to get the heat to transfer into the metal plate. The bigger the plate, the more heat the part can withstand IF it can get the heat away from the part quickly enough.

There is a formula for working out heat dissapation but what I wrote in the first two lines of this post is close enough.

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