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DRAGONKZ's Garage Arcade

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Hey Guys,

I've had a few people recently say to put up some pics/info, and I guess I finally have a collection "worthy" of being shown to others 🤣

My story is likely the same as others... I always had an interest in arcades since I was a kid and wanted some stuff, but never got around to doing anything about it until about 12-18 months ago... Blame a trip to 1989 Bar followed by lots of free time with home lockdowns during COVID and here we are.

I've bought 21 cabinets over this period of time, and loads more PCBs... however I've sold a few things along the way and will likely end up having 16 cabinets at the end.

I decided early on that I wanted the "proper" USA and Japan cabinets, and struggled to find any available locally for sale, so I ended up sourcing 2 of these 21 from @Vadership, 1 from a guy on OCAU, and the rest I basically personally imported and learnt the whole aspect of where to look, who to trust, how to ship...etc along the way!

These cabinets are essentially in original condition, with lots being "matching numbers".

These will be getting a proper dedicated room in a future house build, but for now they are delegated to live in the garage!

I will post better pictures and more info as I start to clean up and work on each one as required 👍

Future plans are to get 1-2 more candy cabs, another shooter like Time Crisis 2, and another pair of racing games like a Daytona setup 👍


To start off with, here are the Midway Cabinets 🥰


Cabinet 1 - Mortal Kombat 1 - Sold to private collector

Cabinet 2 - Mortal Kombat 2 - Sold to private collector

Cabinet 3 - Mortal Kombat 3 - Will run MK1 (T unit), MK2, MK3, UMK3, MK4 PCBs in this

Cabinet 4 - Killer Instinct - Sold to private collector

Cabinet 5 - Killer Instinct 2 - Will run KI1, KI2 PCBs in this

Cabinet 6 - Killer Instinct - Sold to arcade 1989 Barcade in Sydney 👍







Cabinet 7 = NBA JAM (TE Kit installed) - Sold to guy in VIC

Cabinet 8 - NBA JAM - Sold to arcade in SA

Cabinet 9 - NBA JAM TE - Still on a ship being sent over, will run NBA Jam, TE,  Rampage World Tour, and NHL Open Ice with 8 way Riddled TV switcher setup

Cabinet 10 - Carnevil


Cabinet 11 - Hydro Thunder

Cabinet 12 - Hydro Thunder

Cabinet 13 - Hydro Thunder - Bought as a parts cabinet, was missing boards and computer, also bought 2 complete board/PC setups from another guy. Sold to @Crafty in SA including 1 set of spares and he will restore it.



Cabinet 14 - Gauntlet Legends - At sea freight depot awaiting loading

Cabinet 15 - San Francisco Rush 2049 - At sea freight depot awaiting loading

Cabinet 16 - San Francisco Rush 2049 - At sea freight depot awaiting loading


Next, the Sega cabinets! 🤩


Cabinet 17 - Virtua Fighter 1 - Sold to private collector

Cabinet 18 - Virtua Fighter 1 - Sold to 1UP Arcade in QLD.

Cabinet 19 - Virtua Fighter 2 - Sold to 1UP Arcade in QLD.

Cabinet 20 - New Astro City - Sold to private collector


Cabinet 21 - New Net City - I've got a Naomi2 + NetDimm setup in this.  (Right one = mine, Left one = @mR_CaESaR)


Cabinet 22 - Aero City - Sold to @mR_CaESaR

Cabinet 23 - Aero City - Sold to @mR_CaESaR

Cabinet 24 - Daytona USA (JAP) Twin

Cabinet 25 - Outrun 2 SP (JAP) Single -  Sold to @mR_CaESaR

Cabinet 26 - Outrun 2 SP (JAP) Single


Lastly, the Konami, Namco, Neo Geo, and Capcom/Dynamo cabinets! 😃


Cabinet 27 - Gen 1 "Big Red" USA Neo Geo 4 Slot


Cabinet 28 - Japanese Gun Bullet (Point Blank 1) - Being shipped with the Aero city, here early in the new year

Cabinet 29 - Konami Vendetta (USA Konami Stereo Cabinet) - Going to run Vendetta, TMNT, Turtles in Time, Sunset Riders, The Simpsons, and Run and Gun using Riddled TV switching gear


Cabinet 30 - Gen 2 "Tall Marquee" Capcom (Dynamo) Big Blue with Q Sound - I'm going to try and fit my CPS1, Darksoft CPS2, Darksoft CPS3, SFEX+, and SFEX2+ board in there with an 8 way Riddled TV setup.

Cabinet 31 - Gen 2 "Tall Marquee" Capcom (Dynamo) Big Blue with Q Sound - I'm going to try and fit my CPS1, Darksoft CPS2, Darksoft CPS3, SFEX+, and SFEX2+ board in there with an 8 way Riddled TV setup

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Updating cabinet list
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You shouldn't talk to that mR_CaESaR guy... he can be very persuasive by the sound of things and causes one to outlay more things than they really should've hahaha

Love the setup man.. maybe one day you can get me to enjoy those Midway cabs since I'm usually a JPN candy guy 😄

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Thanks for all the kind comments guys!

It took a lot of time, effort, and money to get all of these sourced, but it will hopefully be worth it once they are all here!


On 09/12/2021 at 3:57 PM, Cursed said:

Wow! Great collection and thanks for sharing. Ahhh the memories...

How good do the MK and KI cabinets look all together like that! KI1 in black trim is setting off my OCD though. 😆

Lol, KI1 is like my "grail" cabinet so there is no way I'll ever be changing the molding to red, that would be sacrilege! 😆


On 09/12/2021 at 7:39 PM, Jason_roberts13 said:

Very nice mate! I knew you had the bug as soon as you left my garage that day 😂

That Midway lineup is solid though, well done! 

Thanks mate, you were the first person I met on here and played a key role in helping me pursue this whole thing!

I'm still appreciative for that day you helped me out!


On 11/12/2021 at 1:51 PM, mR_CaESaR said:

You shouldn't talk to that mR_CaESaR guy... he can be very persuasive by the sound of things and causes one to outlay more things than they really should've hahaha

Love the setup man.. maybe one day you can get me to enjoy those Midway cabs since I'm usually a JPN candy guy 😄

Yeah that guy is dodgy AF! 🤣

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Main update for now is that Bill dropped off my Carnevil and my second Hydro thunder on the weekend and I gave Carnevil a good go! 😄

I'd never played it before, and it is pretty good, but I can see with free play that it's reply ability for home use might be low!

I guess that's the challenge with most rail shooters in a non commercial setting!



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  • 3 weeks later...

I’ve bought a few more from the USA over the last few weeks, so these are in the process of being collected and prepped for shipping 🤣

The main aim now is to get the 10 cabinets not physically in my possession here and then start working on fixing any issues they have, or putting the multi setup in them.

Ill post more info/pics when it gets to that stage!

The new pickups are:

1. Factory Dedicated NBA Jam TE

2. Gauntlet Legends

3. Gen 2 “big blue” with Q Sound



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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the comments guys!

My Vendetta, VF1 and second NBA Jam cabinets cleared customs and should be released next week, I’m looking forward to getting them and checking them out.

I’ve also bought a pair of San Francisco Rush 2049 cabinets in the USA, and they will be loaded in to a container shortly!

Some work was done on the midway cabs over the weekend and they are almost there… KI2 needs a power supply rebuild, MK2 needs the marquee light sorted and MK3’s picture still needs some work!

I took a few short videos, I’ll put them up tomorrow 👍



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My video skills need some work, but there are a couple of videos of the midway stuff running here --> https://1drv.ms/u/s!Apwd7jeJnWAYkekuTWWiqyjWZO_QWg?e=LEeuGJ

A few cabinets have been sold, and I've actually bought one back that I sold as well... I'll update the first post with the changes shortly...

My second NBA Jam cabinet is below (it's now sold)



My VF1 cabinet 




My Vendetta cabinet




VF2 cabinet that I've bought back from the guy I sold it to a few months ago.



Most of these cabinets are in VIC pending delivery to me, ill take some better pictures once they are here with me 🙂


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  • 3 weeks later...

A couple of updates, and a slight change of direction.

Update wise, my big blue, NBA TE, and Gauntlet legends have been loaded in a container and will shortly leave the USA.

My gunbullet and aero city finally got loaded in Japan a few weeks back and are on their way.

VF1, VF2, Vendetta and the Neo Geo are still interstate, but will hopefully be delivered soon.

Shipping delays and costs are crazy across all types of transportation at the moment which has been a challenge to navigate.

The biggest bits of news is that Ive bought a Sega PRAS3 cabinet in Japan, and a Japanese Daytona USA twin locally, both of which will be delivered in due time.


The above now leads to a slight change of direction… the past 18 months have been a crazy roller coaster, filled with lots of buying, selling, and trading!

I spent a bit too much time on this new hobby, and went a bit “too hard” with the buying spree 😔

The long story short is that I’ve got way too much stuff, and can’t physically enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed.

I’m planning on doing a decent sell off of cabinets I logically can’t justify to keep (approx 6-10), and boards that are duplicates or things I bought to have on hand but will never use.

Things will be fairly priced, but this won’t be a fire sale, and some stuff will likely be unlisted and sold to friends, as dealing with randoms on a forum doesn’t always end well, but there will be things available for grabs!

Enough of the doom and gloom type feeling, I’ll still be around but ideally I’ll be spending less time chasing deals for myself and others, and more time playing what I keep and doing things outside of the arcade scene!

A sneak peek of one of the twins is below… owned by the same guy for the last 27-28 years since new, and in pretty good condition for their age! (They will get some restore work done and any wrong bits like shifters replaced)




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Bit of a bitter sweet day today, the KI1 and MK1 left today, and the NAC and MK2 are also on hold pending collection.

The Daytona pair also turned up today, and I’m very happy with it for the price these cost me!

The “arcade” is looking smaller now as I’m down to 8 cabinets, but there’s still 12 more yet to arrive!

Some pics after the lineup shuffle 👍



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  • 1 month later...

Im doing a major reshuffle and trying to get everything accessible and playable, so will post a picture once done.

Ive nearly finished selling off my spare PCB stockpile, and most of the cabinets I’ve sold are now physically gone.

My Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 cabinets found a new home, and have been sold and delivered to 1UP arcade in QLD 👍

Having some free floor space now shows that the layout needs work as mentioned above, so that will be the interim focus.

The other main new thing is that Vendetta arrived! Massive saga getting it here from VIC to SYD, and it’s copped some damage along the way, but at least it’s here.

I also got a whole bunch of items that were stashed in it including a bunch of Konami 4 player PCBs.

This is completely original and in relatively good condition for something close to 30 years old!


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