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Pat's Long Service Leave Arcade/Pinball Bash - 4th December

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Hey everyone,

I am taking all of Term 1 off in long service leave next year. This means that with 7 weeks of Christmas holidays, 10 weeks of LSL in Term 1 and 2 weeks of Easter, I will be off work for 19 weeks or so. Woohoo!

To celebrate, I am going to have a games night in my garage at the end of this term so I can get hideously drunk and start my holidays off on the right foot 🙂 Details below.

When: Saturday 4th December - Kick off at 6pm, wrap up whenever people decide to leave.

Where: Holland Park, Brisbane. Will PM out the address closer to the date. Inner south-side, about 8km from the city. 


  • 7 pins (might see if I can borrow a couple more from local mates). Meteor, Trident, Fish Tales, Firepower, No Good Gofers, Tron and Demolition Man.
  • 9 Japanese candy cabs with various games running on them. 3 of them are MAME machines so can be used to run whatever game you like. I always like to introduce people to the greatness of Twinkle Star Sprites and Neo Turf Masters 🙂 
  • Original Tempest cabaret cab with vector monitor.
  • Original US Donkey Kong cab.
  • Original Ice Cold Beer machine
  • Point Blank cab.
  • 4-player LAI arcade cab, mainly for NBA Jam.
  • Cocktail with a 60-in-1
  • A metric shit-ton of old consoles and games. If you played it as a kid and it's not super obscure, I probably have it somewhere in the collection.
  • Nintendo Switch hooked up to a projector in the carport for whatever chaotic multiplayer game I am running on the night. Usually a fair bit of Mario Kart, Overcooked, Killer Queen Black, among others.

Other Details: BYO booze, but I always have quality homebrew beer in the fridge if you run out during the night. I may not have a huge stash though, and might run out depending on the number of people in attendance. I always ask people to bring along $10 in cash so we can do a big pizza order around 9pm. Parking is pretty limited, as I live in a small street, so carpooling is always advisable, or you may end up parking around the corner. I have a reasonably sized deck for drinking and shooting the shit, plus added space in the carport. My garage is fairly small and gets pretty tight with a lot of people over.

If you would like to come along, please comment in the thread and I will start making a list. I haven't done an open invite AA meet in ages, so if you don't know me and still want to come along, just introduce yourself and let me know.

Hopefully see some of you there. 


Attendees List

@Arcade King






@Silver Surfer

@dr teeth






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Hi Pat,

An introduction 

Some people call me Foot, others call me an salty old fark, either way I answer. I like arcades, pinball, beer and talking shit. I’m just worried I might not fit in……so I’m bringing  Mrs foot, she likes a good Chardy or 3 🧉🥂🍻🍹🍺🥃

Pat add x 2 please


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I just did a beer stocktake to see how much I can throw in the fridge for the night. 

I should have 20 x 473ml bottles of each of the following brews.

Mosaic extra pale ale

Amber ale


Standard IPA

Galaxy pale ale

Russian imperial stout

Mid-strength apple cider

Can you tell I'm excited? 😄 The Russian imperial stout is like 8%, so I will make sure @raysco gets a few of those 😄 😄 

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Been chatting to another brewing mate who is coming along. He has a keg setup and we are going to keg up one of my brews and then use portable dispensing gear to pour it using a pluto gun. So, before we even hit the bottled stuff, there will be 19L of amarillo and simcoe hopped pale ale on tap 🙂

I reckon a keg is a good way to kick off my holidays 😄

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Hey guys, a week out from this, sending out PMs with the address. I have a bunch of work people and other friends coming as well, so there will likely be 30+ people dropping by on the night. Plenty of beer and snacks provided, bring $10 for the pizza jar. See you all there.

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