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Japanese mini-upright (woody) cab


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Hey guys,

Been watching Hi Score Girl and along with all the awesome candy cabs, they frequently show these little Japanese mini-uprights. They are cool looking cabs and I'd like to see if anyone has one for sale locally.

Linked below are photos of what I am after. I would love something made by a proper Japanese manufacturer, like one of the SNK or Pony cabs. I've thrown a few images below to show you what I am after.



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A cabinet distributor in Japan I know had one of these on his list once and when I asked about it he told me they were popular at corner stores, lolly shops, etc. but was only selling it more for nostalgia than anything. Said the chassis and tube in there was hard to come by. I like the look of ‘em, but very similar to our local cabs except for the unique panel placement. 

Would be interested too to see if anyone’s seen one of these on our shores…

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