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Event Title: GODZILLA STRIKES "The Park"
Event Author: droogi
Calendar: Community Calendar
Event Date: 04/12/21 09:30 AM

As a welcome to the anticipated arrival of the Godzilla machine, we will be holding a progressive strikes competition (IFPA approved) falling on Saturday 4th December (this comp was delayed by one week due to the machine missing venue delivery by a few hours)
Checkin from 9:30am - comp start 10am - expected finish time 2:30pm.
$15 cost ($10 to the venue, $5 to the TD).



103 Foxwell Rd, Coomera, Queensland, 4209

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Would this trophy look good in your cabinet?
Well come and EARN it - NOTE however, the Saturday strikes comp is dependant on machine arrival.
It is on the road as you read this and is due to arrive at Coomera iPlay during business hours on Friday.
If the delivery doesn't make it on time we will delay the competition by one week to the following Saturday, I will send out a FIRM notice COB tomorrow.




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Played a lot of later release games @ Pinfest this year and gotta say Godzilla kept us coming back again and again. We were playing the Pro version which AMD had supplied and that wasn't lacking at all in gameplay and fun, especially from my era that grew up with Godzilla and Mothra etc.

Good luck with your event @droogi

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