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Stuff you've found in cabs that you bought (Cab Treasure!!)

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Hey all,

Any interesting stories of what you've found in Arcade cabs that you have picked up?

Got myself a nice Gottlieb Challenger cab recently with a little buried treasure - Found a few bucks at the back of the cab buried under assorted stuff, mainly flying ants (that are probs as old as me...) 😆 This got me to thinking that if there is any place to find out about what people have found in their pickups, man, this would be it!!


I only got about $14 AUD or so in the bottom of the cab, but you know - whatever to offset the cost a little!!


Have also snared a couple of coins in the bottom of an Astro City I picked up (apparently it's bad luck to buy a cab without coins in the bottom right?) haha


Not exactly 'buried treasure' as such, but cocktail cab that I bought was already someone's private residence, man...

Only noticed after I gutted it and chucked in a new PSU etc of course 😄 He came out to say hi and make me fill my dacks. I reckon the coin box was his hideout...


Keen to hear any of your stories for a laugh,

thanks all!

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Hi, when I bought this Mirco Challenge it was locked, with no key.


When I picked the lock there were just over 60 coins in the tray, none had a date later than 1979.


The 1c coins were jammed in the mech, someone had just kept piling them in until they reached the switch..

Regards, John



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Fun thread mate,

When I got the NAC it was sold 'with no coin acceptor'.....It was somehow wedged diagonally under the coin box 😂.

Further inspection revealed

nuts/screws/bolts (which later I discovered filled the missing ones in various places around the machine) CP wire off cuts/random junk like a Japanese cigarette packet lolly wrappers failed quick dissconnects crimps all kicking around in the corners and wedged behind the transformer.

A fridge magnet from its previous life I assume here in Australia 'Austral Amusement co' and a 'Arcade classics booklet with various dip switch/pinouts for pre jamma PCB's.

Wouldnt say they were treasure per-se but interesting to find out the cabinets history just from the junk kicking around in the bottom 😀.


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My WMS Indiana Jones: I found a 25 PTAS coin being used as a washer holding on a terrible hack (opto flippers replaced with EM style tungsten switches). It certainly showed off where the hackery and this machine came from.. Pesatas are a spanish coin, and the mech was set up for 100 PTAS. The 25PTAS coin must have been "handy" as the coin already has a hole in the middle. If I can find it again I will nab a pic...


Then I got it in Brisbane about 15 years ago, now in Syd. It sure has covered a bit of the world...


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Loving hearing those especially the dodgy fixes and stuff jammed in the cabs that would just make you scratch your head hahah. Amazing. 


I also had some coinage and few years' worth of lint up the top of the CP, what a find haha!


The Flying Ant coins looked like they were maybe test coins because they'd been scribbled on... hard to say




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Sited machines - sometimes the bar/whatever that didn't have a key would scribble on the coins they had to give the punters if there was some kind of stuff up (hang/some idiot unplugged it mid game etc) - and the scribbled coins were meant to be given back to the site by the operator...

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