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Yihua 948 Desoldering Station Vacuum / Glass Tubes


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I have a Yihua 948 soldering station that I am relatively happy with (for the cost) except for one little issue - I cannot buy replacement vacuum tubes for the de-soldering guns. Further to this, the vacuum tubes have a bad habit of melting and deforming to the point where it cannot maintain a seal with the housing, hence losing suction capability. Even extensive cleaning does not seem to mitigate this inevitability. 

I am wondering if others have either found a replacement tube for these guns OR found a gun from a different manufacturer that works with the unit and has better parts support?





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I have a knock off Aoyue unit that has a similar gun. The vac chamber however is black and made of the same "heat resistant" (but obviously cheap) plastic as the rest of the gun. I have not had melting issues with it. Parts for these things are rare to find - unless you have a "real brand" - and then their parts can cost the same as a knockoff complete gun 😕

I don't know what on earth has happened with Aoyue as a brand, but looking on ebay the prices seem very high nowadays for what they are - so not sure that is a great avenue either.

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What are the dimensions? Looks like a very similar size to this: https://www.jaycar.com.au/spare-80w-desoldering-gun-for-ts-1513/p/TS1514?pos=1&queryId=1493d6195f8b828303d25160300ff8e0

There are knockoffs of this style of gun everywhere and you can get replacement tubes on eBay (none available locally last time I looked but plenty overseas). Mine was originally black plastic but I replaced it with a glass tube of the same size which works much better. 

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I bought this also, I'm happy with it's operation. No melting issues yet, But something to be aware of is the AC wiring is wrong.

Was looking at some reviews and this one mentioned the wiring, So I thought I'd check mine - Thinking it'd be fine.

But nope - AC active was running to the transformer rather than to the main switch. Still operational, But not 100% compliant or safe.


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