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WTB: Beehive shooter housing 4A-115-W


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RTBB is out of stock... I am OK with old parts, it's just that mine looks awful - and considering it is the 1st bit of the machine you interact with, it could do with a better looking one. If you have replaced one in the past and have an old one kicking about, please let me know what you want for it.

No hope cleaning this one up, as the plastic has deteriorated in a pretty interesting way... it looks like someone tried painting it with a paint that reacted with the plastic at some stage...




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I reckon you could salvage that one.  Mine looked pretty similar.  depends if you want to spend the time on it rather than just buying a replacement


I just sanded it back with increasing grades of paper until it was as smooth as I could get it.

Then used filler primer spray from SCA (the same as I now use on cabinets), 3 coats, sanding very lightly with 1200 grit between each coat.

Then just a white spray followed by 2-3 coats of automotive clear coat.


sorry about the pics, they are cropped from larger photos.


The before image.png.5294fa81a5c7f7fb1054d324c6558cb7.png 

and the after image.png.3747084b5d740cffee5c9c96168888eb.png

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