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VPGL 20 - Game 1 - Spirit of 76 - Closed

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10 hours ago, kane said:

244,500 Small increase for me, 332k hard to beat I think

Definitely one game that having a cab helps. Getting "C" off the plunger is very helpful. This is quite repeatable on the cab. Not sure how this is achievable on the PC.




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18 hours ago, PPLBob said:

221,830  I keep getting hit in the head with a RusstyKane.

Hit in the head with a RusstyKane. That's Crakkers. Must be tough staying up late with the Mozzie's buzzing around and no time to get a legin. You might have to put a capp on the number games or you might end on the skids. 😂 after all Im no pinball dedrok. I'm just another rat.


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Game 1 is now closed.

Congratulations to RusstyT who took 1st place in our opening game. We see kane take 2nd place and legin in 3rd. PPLBob and Crakkers keeping the top 3 honest and newcomers Pinzealot and vtdmame manage to hold their own in tough competition.


mozzie1, did I miss your score?

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