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Arcades in the 80's-90's

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Im feeling somewhat nostalgic and searching for pics and vids from back in the 80's 

Sydney in particular

Anyone got some good leads ?

Vid about 90's was interesting 


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4 minutes ago, Arcade King said:

@illawarra_steelers has heaps of pics, we need to get them uploaded to the gallery.

@Arcade King is it just uploading, or scanning too? We have been working on scanning in all my wife's old family photos, slides and negatives. Whoo boy is it a big task. I spent about 3 days just to get 500 slides done... and that is just scans, not clean up!

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I believe he has them on file. We had them hosted years ago when the forum had a 3rd party gallery called photopost installed

I just found a old backup......hmmm

Some example pics. I believe this was @Burra749





I'm going to keep digging and put them in the gallery.

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Not 100% related but I'm going through the old AA Photopost folders from a back up

First 450 pics are up.

If you have any info on the pics please leave a comment 🙂

More to come.

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