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MGLXLIX - Game 9 ~ Andro Dunos (closes 24-Oct)

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33 minutes ago, Pessimeister said:

Pessimeister: 390, 650

Another couple of bullets improvement - at least made the boss this time. On my last credit I also died on my last life whilst trying to retrieve the 1Up on level 4. Brutal game. 🙂 


Yes it is. No one can fluke this one. 

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1 minute ago, megaderek said:


Finally beat the boss that shoots circles. Didn't last very long in Stage 6.



Excellent gaming!


13 hours ago, HAL1973 said:



androdun 528600.jpg



Very nice flying. Good stuff.

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That’ll do, my shooting hand can take no more.

Today’s goal was to crack 300k and hopefully clear stage 3, got there and some. Went into stage 4 with a full compliment of power ups and lives in hand. Was getting near to the final boss and dropped all but one of my lives in quick succession. Managed to stumble through and was taken out just as the boss was coming into screen.

Satisfied with my return on investment on what has proved a challenging title.


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