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Law breaker?

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Making them for yourself to repair something you own? No Problem.

Selling them on (or even technically giving them away) - problematic unless you have the permission of the rights holder.

Obviously there is a lot of gray in the matter regarding who owns the rights, commercial viability and just flat out "do it until told no" that happens in the hobby community - but the real answer is you can reproduce to repair your own things. Anything else without the rights is generally a no-no.

There are libraries of art out there, and sharing done without permission that enable others to do their own reproductions as well - but the reality is they are flying under the radar... for lots of reasons - like the rights holders don't technically exist, or as most is non-commercial they ignore it, or it just hasn't gotten their attention yet.

PS Sorry about not giving you a call - kind of got caught up in stuff today...

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