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Virtua Racing Twin - Sell or Restore?

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I've had a Virtua Racing Twin for about 10 years. It sat in storage for a long time waiting for me to have the time (and develop the skills) to restore/fix it. During that time, the issues have grown and now seem insurmountable to me:

  • P1 monitor has green issue
  • P1 & P2 load game but do not sync
  • Force-feedback engaged but not fully functional
  • Sound distorted
I've cleaned it up - inside and out, replaced some screws and replaced the rear fluoro tube but I'm now thinking of getting rid of it - to someone who can look after and maintain it.
I recently rang a local arcade operator who will fix it for me but (I imagine) at considerable cost. I'm now wondering, should I sell it as is or get it repaired and sell it?
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I don't think too many people fix the Model 1 boards. They certainly didn't when I was trying to get some PCBs repaired years ago. I would imagine it'll cost you a packet for an operator to fix it. Definitely confirm how much you might be up for.

You could always convert it to a mame cabinet without modifying the wiring harness and then have rally, daytona, indy 500 plus many others. That way it could be changed back if someone wanted to do it.

Or you could sell it but because it's big and not working properly you likely wouldn't get massive amounts for it,     

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Want it fixed? Pull the monitor chassis and send them to Jomac. 

Pull the game boards and send them to Jomac.

It will probably have a network board that will also need repair, if so, Jomac.

But be prepared to pay a fair bit. Model 1 and Model 2 boards are a pain in the ass to repair and maintain. I am not even sure if Joey still does them, but I know that he used to.

If you want to sell it non-working, you might not like the prices people want to pay. Twin drivers are a hard sell at the best of times, as they are so goddamn big and people can't fit them in their games rooms.

When fully working, a Virtua Racing twin cab would likely be worth $1500 or thereabouts. They don't fetch the coin of Daytona or Sega Rally, which were much more popular games. Virtua Racing is more in line with stuff like Rave Racer, which usually sell for between 1500-1800, if there are buyers who can pick them up and fit them in their games room.

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Joey does model 2 and 3, but model 1 is a hit and miss due to lack of parts available… ask him and see what he says.

You can also try messaging Simon at arcade garage in VIC as I sold him USA VF1 and 2 cabinets and he got the VF1 board (model 1) repaired down there somewhere.

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I also have a Virtua Racing twin cab, in storage at the moment, but when I first purchased it I set about buying spares for it to keep it going, I have a bout 20 full board sets and 2 spare tubes and 2 chassis, a few sound boards and a few IO boards, out of the 20 board sets I only have 4 that work, the rest all have some faults or dont boot at all, when it was working and we used to play it a fair bit, every time we switched it on there was a issue with something, most times we could get it going by reseating the board stacks, other times it was Joey to the rescue, it just got to the point that I didnt even bother switching it on anymore as I didnt want to deal with inevitable repair, so it went into the back of the shed and its been there ever since.

I will pull it out in the future when I have the time, I will probably convert it to Mame with LCD's,  only because it will be more reliable and the option of more than 1 game is the kicker, with the gear you can purchase now second hand that will be more than capable of doing the job of a Mame twin driver getting cheaper by the day its a more affordable option than continually repairing 30 - 40 year old electronics.


As for price its worth more in bits than it would be as a whole unit, $1500 would be top dollar and it would need to be in pretty good nick.

As a non worker if someone offered you $500, take their money, im sure after fixing the items you listed and paying someone you will easy drop $1500 just to get a 30 year old machine working until the next problem occurs and its still a hard sell because of the size.

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