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Hankin FJ - What is it worth?


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So I've not sited this yet but being a Hankin who knows what it may be worth. I've been told the same guy has had this for 30 years and he won it in a pub raffle form a pub he never went to?

Either way it has sitting for a while and worth is a hard one with a Hankin?

Hard to get parts I assume. Plastics etc would be rare but the boards should be able to be worked on. I believe these had some battery that was way different to most machines thus I'm hoping leakage is not a problem. Either way and site unseen is hard but has anyone any idea what these are going for?

Any help appreciated.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks to everyone that responded...........Your comments were most helpful....

I bought it anyway and the news is I think I stole it....

So what did I pay???

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36 minutes ago, wiredoug said:

is it too late to take it back?

That's not funny........

I reckon if I get rid of it I'll get more than 3 times what I paid.

Funny will be what a holden fan would pay via Llyods???

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