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Hey everyone, I just realised i've already posted a few things, but I've forgotten to introduce myself (oops) - so yeah here we are! Am originally from Gawler in South Aus but moved to Brisbane c.2005ish (?) for a 6 month working holiday, and been here since 😄

First gaming experiences of playing Arcade cabs were in the pubs along the Main street of Gawler and down the road at the Willaston Hotel in the late 1980s / early 1990s. It was there my big bro and I played our first games of Double Dragon, and also Moon Patrol at the Willaston footy club on Saturday nights among other places. Go Donnies!

I got the bug to collect arcade cabs in about 2017 when 1UP Arcade opened here in Morningside, Brisbane. I built myself a cab from mygamesroom.com.au (lowboy flat-pack), got a Double Dragon PCB then went to work on the World Record for that. During that first cab build I found I actually enjoyed the the build+repair side as much as playing the games. That lead to keeping an eye out for some little projects here and there, which introduced me to some absolute legends around the place too and how i found my way here to Aussie Arcade!

I completed a Donkey Kong cab build in Feb 2020 after attending AAC1 and Kong Off 3 as part of BPAC 2019. That same cab was then one of the Donkey Kong cabs in the recent Aus Kong Off 4 lineup held at Brewdog Murarrie back in July.


Mine is the second DK cab at the right hand side.

During BPAC 2021 I also got the chance to meet a few absolute champs in the Pinball scene too and got to experience my first flip frenzy... Wow! For a Pinball virgin (okay, Pinball noob) like me it was intense!! 😆 Would love to own a couple of pins one day, but I think i'm a bit late to the party there. Stern don't miss ya even on the price for the new Pro's, and finding a nice 90's era Bally/Williams or early Gottlieb is becoming pricey too for someone looking to get into it for a bit of fun. Time to start saving i guess!

Cheers legends and thanks for having us here!!

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