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New Queen pinball by Pinball Bros.


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Taken from Knapp Arcade. 


Here's the first ever look at The Pinball Brother's upcoming Queen pinball machine as seen at the iconic rock band's new pop-up store in London.  The video screen in the backbox plays actual Queen concert footage during games.

Years ago Heighway Pinball had secured the license to manufacture a Queen-themed pin prior to its bankruptcy and that the design was part of the assets that Pinball Brothers acquired. This may be the first ever picture of Pinball Bros' next game after Alien.

Yesterday I read in an article that there was going to be a Queen themed pinball machine at this store, so I scoured the web trying to find pictures of it.  There wasn't any out there until the store's officially opening today.  That's when I found this.  I had assumed that it was going to just be some sort of custom re-theme of another game.  I didn't expect to find this, but I sure am glad that I did.  So cool!





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Added photos.
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29 minutes ago, namastepat said:

Is it just me, or does that playfield artwork look pretty hideous? I dunno, it doesn't scream high quality when compared against GNR artwork.

Love Queen, cracker theme, but this first look doesn't look all that promising.

Yep Looks crap. 

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I listened to an interview with them.

Super genuine guys...I was impressed.

We need more manufacturers to give us some non cookie cutter shit spewed out by old has been septic tanks. 

I'd be in on an Alien if I could purchase direct, and wish them all the luck in the pinball world and won't pass judgement on a picture and clip released in the last 24hrs.

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I wish companies would stop releasing stuff like this. I think it hurts the product more than showing it in a good light. Looks rubbish to me but it could be just the bad video and pix. They should release Quality video and pix from the beginning showing the game at it's best and let the public decide from there. I find it hard to change my first impressions. 

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45 minutes ago, Replay said:

If it’s going into production that is the worst reveal ever 😂

What I don't understand is, 

Surely a business/brand like Queen would have the brains to oversee art work and the production of their brand being produced into a product?

Heck! may as well use either of these for the back glass. lol




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3 hours ago, namastepat said:

Hmmmmmmmm, the artwork does look a little better now I can see more of it, but still pretty ugly to my eyes. I do like the guitar upper playfield though.

Yeah it does look better.

Guess we'll have to wait n see. Just wish JJP made it..

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