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Cosmic Chopper

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Hi. Just joined this forum today. Grew up playing pinball machines and arcade games.

Mustang was one of the first pinballs I played as a kid, in my local pinnie parlour,  and it cost 10c a game back then....

Used to love playing one flipper each with my cousin on Phoenix as well, that way our money would go further.

I grew up in an era where Space Invaders was the latest craze!

And then had the pleasure to be entertained by Galaga, Frogger, Bomb Jack, Dig Dug etc, just to name a few.

Main reason I joined here, is because I need some help restoring my Cosmic Princess Pinball machine, and figured this would be a good place to start!

I also own a stand up arcade game that has Chopper 1 installed (on portrait screen}, with the option of installing Double Dragon Game (on landscape screen}.

Chopper 1 works ok. Haven't installed Double Dragon for many years....

Anyway....... gday...

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