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Tommy - watch an idiot bite off more than he can chew!

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Your doing a great job on this project.

Can't wait to se the finished product!

I have the same problem with my power box, so im making a new one out of Aluminium compisite and cutting it out on my cnc. 

Good luck with the rest of the build.


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I wonder why the blacks are so thicc in the reproductions? It looks like they auto-traced the scanned in work to speed up the "vectorisation" of the art - with overly chunky results. The better way would be to manually trace the art - something that would take a long time but get more accurate results... I have done this a few times and the time it takes for an amateur like me is crazy!

They also may have been accurately done in the art but something in the print process is making them look so thick. I guess unless they had a way to proof them and compare to originals then they look "good enough".

Once in, and looked at from a distance, you will probably begin to forget the difference, and your mates won't notice at all. We have a habit of looking too closely at things at times 😄

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Now I'm into the long grass. I have no idea how to rivet. I've got new blue spring steel coming for new ramp flaps.. so tonight is riveting practice. 

How riveting. 


Does someone want to give me some tips on this? Front looks OK for a first go. 


Back, not so much. Not that anyone will see the back. 


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OK, riveting sucks without the right tools. Got that sorted now, but have to wait for it to arrive. 

In the meantime, I'm starting the rewire of the cabinet. All this can come out of the harness. The machine is default wired to drive a seven segment display that is not used in Tommy.


This bunch of redundant ugliness below will be gone from the finished job. 


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