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Hi All.

I saw on your forum that there may be some people still using/trying to use DWJukebox.

I have been running and modifying the software for years and have built several jukebox type MP3 players in that time. I would be interested in making contact with anyone who needs help/support. I have all of the origional program stuff including the downloads, sounds pack, some of the skin packs etc. should they be needed.

I have succesfully installed DWJ on Windows 7,  8.1, vista, XP. I have not yet been able to run ito n my win. 10 computer due to some as yet unresolved graphics problems.

Anyone got an interest in DWJ?

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I used to use DWJ on win xp. But found it had some bugs back then. 
I’ve since started using  fruitbox on raspberry Pi and also regular PC running Ubuntu. 
Fruitbox is mostly based on DWJ. It took a little bit of work to get it to work on a normal PC. But once it’s compiled it works pretty well.  

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