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Pinball Haus Matchplay, Brisbane

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Hi all,

introducing a new tournament series in Brisbane

Here are the details, hope to see you there!

Pinball Haus Matchplay


Pinball Haus
36 Baxter St, Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006



  • 10 rounds of Matchplay (4P)
  • Seeding “Slaughter”, “Balanced” pairing onwards
  • Machines selection “Balanced”
  • Scoring Aussie 7 4 2 0
  • Ties broken by Matchplay


  • Top 4 finals
  • Matchplay (4P) Best of 3 games (*)
  • Scoring Aussie 7 4 2 0
  • Ties broken by Matchplay


  • Machines on tournament mode or install,
  • No extra balls
  • No ball saves


  • 17 OCT 2021
  • 31 OCT 2021
  • 14 NOV 2021
  • 28 NOV 2021
  • 12 DEC 2021

Every Fortnights on Sunday Morning

Start time 9:30 AM sharp

Expected TGP 100%

Entry $20


Tournament directors

  • Nicolas Noben
  • Michi Henning


IFPA endorsement sought.

[*] Finals’ machines pre-chosen by the tournament director.

Edited by Nicolas Noben
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    • By Ando77
      Im feeling somewhat nostalgic and searching for pics and vids from back in the 80's 
      Sydney in particular
      Anyone got some good leads ?
      Vid about 90's was interesting 
    • By BenMas
      PRICE DROP! to $11,800 (My new machine's on the way and I'm keen to speed up this sale!) Dropping the price by $1k
      Selling my "Guardians of the Galaxy" PREMIUM to make way for a new machine. 
      This machine has been home use only, I am the only owner.
      It was purchased directly from AMD who also installed mirror blades and shaker motor. 
      Playfield and cabinet are in excellent condition. Some wear on the shooter lane (see photos)
      There are no faults or issues. Well looked after machine.
      PRICE DROP! to $11,800
      $12,800 (or Best Offer)
      Located in Melbourme


    • By Brad
      I've probably been working on this on and off for about 8 months but haven't touched it in at least 4 months or so. I needed to do this on a tiny budget and essentially use what already had with minimal further outlay.
      I'm determined to finish this bugger off over the next 4-8weeks though and what better incentive than to post about it on here thereby guilting me into a result LOL!
      Playfield is a 22" widescreen monitor. Backglass is a 19" 4:3. I have left anough room for a 3rd for a DMD but funds won't allow this so I'll do without for now.
      The overall design is a mix between a woodrail and a Williams but leaning towards more of a woodrail look.
      The PC has been built for about 12 months with about 50pins divided between Visual Pinball and Future Pinball all running via Hyperpin frontend. It works fantastically and will come up a real treat in the cab.
      I'm using donated legs rather than wood and will clean them up and possbily paint them. The cab will a look of an older machine and is inspired by this awesome reproduction linked here:
      I do want a small coin door however to give it a more authentic look. I'm lookin at making some sort of replica.
      Things left to make are a custom made lockdown bar, speaker bezel, backglass bezel and to mount the PC inside the cab.
      Parts left to purchase
      a plunger or make one, side buttons and front buttons. I have some already but they are arcade and not pinball and I'm also looking at getting them backlit instead. I will also need glass cut for the playfield and backglass.

    • By Brad
      I thought I better put a placeholder in for my restore and for feedback, suggestions and help: https://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/91459-My-first-and-new-pinball-in-da-house
      This is an interesting machine:
      One of only three 4-player Williams games to have the 2nd player located in the lower left corner of the backglass and the 3rd player in the upper right.
      Design by: Norm Clark
      Art by: Jerry Kelley
      Notes: 'A-Go-Go' was the first machine to use a captive ball spinner, invented by Norm Clark.
      During the production run, the coin door was changed from the large single-slot to a smaller multiple slot and the drop-down cabinet was eliminated. We do not know how many games were produced in each cabinet style. Reportedly, the January 1967 issue of the German trade magazine Münzautomat stated that the standard cabinet games were Later Production games and were manufactured due to a high demand in Germany.
      I have the earlier version with the single coin slot and the drop down cabinet.

      To put it bluntly, the paintwork is completely rat shit. But the timber itself is in fantastic condition so a repaint is on the way. I'll trace the existing and mask/paint which I'm not too bad at. See my minipin as an example: https://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/42304-Minipin?highlight=minipin
      My big question is how do I match the colours when they're so faded?

      Of course there is no key for the 2 locks on it so I cannot currently open it up.
      I'm assuming I'll have to drill these out then replace?
      Can you get original replacements for them?

      Backglass is also very faded and in the centre a fair bit has come away. I'll have to replace this at some stage.
      Can I treat with anything to stop it degrading anymore in the meantime?

      Playfield, is to my untrained eye surprisingly good although one of the roll-overs? looks like it's lifted. Again not surprising for a 52 year old game thats been sitting idle for many years. I can take a closer look once I can get the glass off. The glass is filthy.

      Unfortunately some clown cut the harness to the back-box, easily repaired but I'm not going near any of the electrics until way further down the restore path.
      I've already sourced schematics for it so that's a start.

      Coin door is rusty in places. Do I replace or restore. I'd prefer to restore if feasible. Legs are in shocking condition, so I think they'll need to be replaced =(
      There's also a ball in the bottom shute

    • By Arcade King
      Just throwing this out there. Since the site is much easier to navigate now do we really need a Pinball and a New Pinball section or can I merge them into 1?
      I'm going to be trimming the fat a bit and merging some sections to make the site less busy looking.
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