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AES Memory Card Replacement

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I have a Neo Geo AES with a broken memory socket. I desoldered it but not knowing the replacement was not correct I disposed of it. This makes life very hard and I am kicking myself for presuming a standard part would just work.

I have had a look at some photos on this forum and a few others and I think I can see what is going on, but can't be 100% sure.

There are 2 questions to this.

1) Does anyone know where I can get a replacement memory card socket from? I haven't been able to find an MVS board to scavenge from yet.

2) Does anyone have the pin-outs of the memory card socket and the corresponding pins on the motherboard? A standard PCMCIA socket from Digikey one does not work as the pins do not align. I was thinking of knocking up a converter board that could be used with something like a SMD socket and then soldered onto existing solder points on the board.

I am sure I am not the only one with this issue and would like a solution to getting a new port without mashed up pins.

I have only just started with the Neo Geo, so am not 100% sure where all the resources and information is located. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi mate. I'm pretty sure that the connector is a standard PCMIA adapter. I've never replaced one in an AES though. 

The MVS uses a right-angle PCMIA header. 

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