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23 hours ago, wiredoug said:

love me some dropkick murphys.    which 'guest' do you reckon did the best dirty glass live?    my moneys on liza

Yep, without a doubt.  Live at Lansdown CD/DVD was one of the first 2 albums I bought after seeing them guest host RAGE.  If a band is no good live then they are a shit band (Dave's rule).  The other album was The Meanest of Times.  A great intro to one of my now favorite bands.  They are one of 5 Favorite bands on my go-to USB stick in the car, along with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper and The Angels.


Murphy's are as good as any live act I have ever seen.  Had a skin full at the Enmore Theater gig.  The room was full of skins, punks and retrobates it was one of the top half a dozen gigs I have ever seen (and I have seen PLENTY).  It just fkn rocked.


I actually looked into Civet's stuff after hearling Liza do The Dirty Glass but I am buggered if I could get into them.


and for the OP.....BUMP.

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yep reckon you're right..  top stuff.      civet really is kinda meh . but at least she has a band. stephanie just seems to be one of their tarts 🙂

anyway thanks for the loan of the thread budgie.  up bump

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Unique choice of machine

There is one around Brisbane but until hell freezes over I won't even mention who it is that won't even consider selling it?

Sounds great too.......................

Good Luck

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