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Another Home Build Cabinet Post


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Hi Guy's. 

Seems like years since I've done anything, my wine barrel cabinets were about 20yrs ago.

Anyway fixed an old cocktail cab for my sister and her mate asked if I could make a new one.  

Putting up a couple of pics for thoughts and suggestions on improvements. 

I'm trying an acrylic top instead of glass,  have to wait an see when monitor is running. 

Running power as in pic with ac line filter. All 16mm pre finished mdf. 

Monitor surrounds are always a bitch. Cut the plastic off the front of TV and sprayed black then curved a thin piece of Chalkboard then just a bit of board either side to fill the gaps. 

Any thoughts or way to improve??? 





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I have an acrylic top on one of my cocktails, it's visually fine and if you go to a good acrylic guy, they heat treat the edges to make them look glass-like.

Only issue is, acrylic scratches super easily, so if you leave anything on the cocktail 'glass' it's gonna get scratched. And I mean anything. Acrylic scratches when you breate on it from 10 paces.

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On 08/09/2021 at 12:49 PM, laurie5145 said:

Thanks mate, got 6mm with polished edges $80.  Plastic for industry in Dandenong VIC. 

Much cheaper than glass but like you said,  scratches easy,  I'll keep that in mind. 

Thanks mate 

No way in hell I'd use acrylic for a cocktail cab.

In an upright for bezel or marquee no problem but cocktail cabs are made for resting a beer on, or tools, items etc 😉 and if you have kids good luck keeping it scratch free.


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