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Ghostbuster - Proton Gun Mod


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I have been wanting to do this mod for ages and could quite possibly be the first ball interactive game changing mod (could be wrong there) but finally put those holes near the apron to good use. This is using home printed parts and currently having professionally made parts made so will look better and it will light up.



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activated via a ghost trip foot pedal type thing and yes currently when you want them or powered off at the door. I would love to link to the game with rules and be earned to use but at the moment alot of work in a area that I am not skilled in

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Also big thanks to @Railways (Jeff and Mark) for helping me out with the custom coin door plate which mounts the servo driver boards, on / off switch and power light. Much appreciate the help guys.


And also some people have asked how are the proton guns activated - via a foot switch (ghost trap foot switch)




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This is just a quick video in response to a couple of inquires about the Proton Gun Mod:

- Shows that the ball can still go down the outlanes when the Proton Guns are not used or not activated.
- Shows that the proton guns can stop the ball by blocking the outlanes
- Shows that you can use the Proton Gun Mod to hit the ball and with the right timing and deflect away from the outlane.
- Shows that it can catch the ball midway down the outlane with no issues or damage.

And lastly shows that I can't always direct the ball to the outlane  :D


Here is the second showing a test rig used to house the LHS and RHS servos as well as the servo driver boards in their simulated installation position and then I preset the servo driver boards so the servo horns are set at the correct angle.

The rig still needs an angle guide added but this video gives you the idea of what I will do requiring you to do very little except install and fine tune adjust as shown in the video - no programming needed - just a screwdriver.

Please excuse my voice....


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2 batches of proton gun kits have been sent out, most to the US but a couple to Aus. The design  of the production units was refined with the access to the wiring alot clearer and easier to access.

Here is a link to the latest manual and assembly drawings if you need to maintain down the track - advise to download and store in a safe place.

yell out if you need a hand.


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