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Fluke Pod Protection Modules


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I have made up some Fluke 9010a Pod Protection Modules for my Marian Z80 and 6502/6800 reproduction pods.  They will fit any pod unit if the correct resister values are fitted.  Here is one of them assembled.



And here is a set loaded into my Z80 pod.


If you are assembling a repro or repairing a pod with faulty modules I have these available as a set of 5 bare boards, a kit of 5 board and parts or 5 assembled and tested modules.

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These modules have also been used successfully in the JMP Z80 double stack repro pod.  They will fit a fluke pod double stack as well which normally has them soldered in.  I will check in my Fluke pod so see if there is clearance on the pcb stack to fit them using a socket.

For anyone that does not want to spent the time to solder up a set (they are surface mount components), I can also supply them assembled and tested.

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