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MGLXLIX - Game 3 ~ Mr. Do! (closes 26-Sep)

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6 hours ago, Evan04 said:

Hi everyone,

I was playing Mr. Do! then this happened... has it been done before?


Happens a lot Evan. 

The letter T puts the others up to it. 
It’s always the T. 
Causing trouble. 
Ruining good games. 
Causing deaths. 
‘Always the T. 

I hate the T. 

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17 hours ago, terencew said:

This must have been debated before, but...
"duː" as in "Do you want to play something else?" or...
"doʊ" as in "Do Re Mi Fa Sol..." which you hear all the time during this game?

Now I want to say “Let’s play Mr ‘Dough’ and see who corrects me or at least gives a funny look. 

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Many people have played this game a lot without realising that each scene is shaped like a number. 

Scenes 2 - 10 are shaped the same as the scene number and I think Scene 1 looks like a D and an o to spell Do. 


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