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MGLXLIX - Game 2 ~ Circus Charlie (closes 19-Sep)

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3 minutes ago, RMacauley said:


For those who aren't already aware of this there's an easier 5K bonus on the tightrope levels. Walk as far to the right as you possibly can without jumping onto the top platform and 3 moneybags will appear worth 5K.



Half a million, great effort!

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10 hours ago, terencew said:


Way too timid on the horse stages. Sigh.


Nice score though!

16 hours ago, SectionZ said:


Got four of those 5k monkey bonuses (normal speed) on the bounce in this run.


Found something else out: At the very start immediately push right until the purple monkey appears then pull & hold left & Charlie will back up right back onto the platform, Now as the monkey reaches the very end he will slow right down making it easier to time your jump, push right once in the air to avoid backing up into the monkey. Shown at the end of the GIF although I still mistime this jump Haha.



A great tip. And a nice score to go with it ... 👀

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