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MGLXLIX - Game 1 ~ Sunset Riders (closes 19-Sep)

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On 06/09/2021 at 9:31 AM, danny_galaga said:

Have a new puppy which is taking away the fun. Can't get in the zone


heh, I have 2 new kittens, both of which were climbing on me while doing the score in my last post...I think they were fascinated by all the moving stuff on the screen.

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4 hours ago, Ace1942 said:

You’re close to a break through Danny me thinks, which character did you settle on?

Yes, I know what to do for that stage, if I get there again 😄  I still cant decide which is best. I alternate between the first and the last. The first fires faster and maybe has higher damage on bosses. The last guy Cormano has a better spread for hitting the regular bad guys more easily.

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